FreeVerse: Copper Peaches by Serena M. Agusto-Cox

Every Wednesday, Ooh. . .Books! hosts FreeVerse where participants share their favorite poems with readers.  Thanks to Cara for hosting FreeVerse.

Today, I thought I would share a poem I had published many years ago in Beginnings Magazine

Copper Peaches

Slipped through my fingers,
brown without rainbow dye,
they are brittle and become dust in hand.

An empty peach hourglass.

The chill was sharper than
an ax on a grinding wheel.
Sunlight seeped through cracks,
set these dead leaves afire.

Dark green canopies shelter my way-
deeper behind the farmhouse.
Sunlight sparkles on wrinkled foil,
Caesar’s victory crown, still
The blustery wind blows,
dries their skin,
stings my lungs.
They sway clumsily in the draft,
so weighted, they fall.
Ballerinas in Swan Lake
skate across glazed ice
lighter than parchment, but
heavier than air.
Rest upon the ground
bruised from impact and careless trampling
Swiss cheese foil
bronzed and useless for wrapping.

I’ve walked down this wooded way
lined with pine guards armed with sharp needles.
Carelessly treading on crisp rice
echoing pain in the shade.

What do you think?  Have you shared a poem with your readers today?

Free Verse: Edgar Allan Poe

Cara at Ooh…Books has started a new meme on Wednesdays called FreeVerse to introduce poetry to new and old readers in a variety of ways.

I took my cue from Cara today and decided to post a YouTube video in which Christopher Walken reads Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven.

Check it out, feel free to leave your impressions, and please do check out Cara’s Edgar Allan Poe reading by one of my favorites Vincent Price.

Don’t forget Virtual Poetry Circle on Saturdays, every week. Check it out, come participate–no pressure, really!!  🙂