Winner of Shadow of a Quarter Moon

Thanks to all who entered the Shadow of a Quarter Moon by Eileen Clymer Schwab giveaway.  Out of a number of entrants, random.org selected

Anna from Diary of an Eccentric who said, “I have read so little about the Underground Railroad and the Civil War, so this book sounds really interesting to me. One book I did enjoy recently was Juliet’s Moon by Ann Rinaldi. I plan to read more by Rinaldi for the challenge. I’ve posted the giveaway in my sidebar, and of course, you know I follow your blog.”

Congrats and I hope you enjoy the book.

My Blogiversary Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my 4-year blogiversary giveaway.  I’m happy about all the support I receive from my readers and I will try to continue providing you with the content you enjoy.

I received so many entrants that I decided to offer 2 gift certificates of $35.

Alyce of At Home With Books said, “Happy Blogiversary! I still have the intimidation factor when it comes to reading poetry, and it has to be really special for me to invest time in it. It’s not that I’m not willing to give it a try, but more that I get busy with other reading and don’t even think about poetry. So your blog is an excellent reminder for me. The most recent poetry I’ve been reading is Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic to my boys at bedtime. Not exactly challenging reading for me, but certainly fun!”  She chose a $35 gift certificate from Better World Books.

Margie, who said, “You seem to be incorporating more reading challenges.  And, of course, you have more poetry-oriented posts.  I love the overall look of the blog.
Congrats on your Blogoversary.  Thank for the giveaway,” chose a $35 Amazon.com gift certificate.

Congrats ladies and enjoy your books because we know you’re buying them.

Summer Winners…

Out of 32 entrants, the three winners of Chevy Stevens’ next book, Never Knowing, are:

Jessica of Jess Resides Here, who said, “Omg Still Missing was my fav book last year. Talk about a debut I am a fan for life now.”

Margie, who said, “Moonglass by Jessi Kirby and Hourglass by Myra McEntire have caught my eye, partly from reviews and partly from the lovely covers. I haven’t read either of them yet though.”

Uncle Sid of Dward Media, who said, “Still Missing – one of the best reads for me this past year. Looking forward to the new one.”

Out of 10 entrants, the winner of Mr. Darcy Goes Overboard by Belinda Roberts is:

Taffy, who said, “I Loved the series by Pamela Aiden! Well, the 1st & 3rd books were the best.”


Out of 16 entrants, the winner of Vlad: The Last Confession by C.C. Humphreys is:

Mary, who said, “RASPUTIN has always fascinated me. Such a dark figure in history during a dark time in Russia.”

The winner of The Mongoose Deception by Dr. Robert Greer is LuAnn of Reading Frenzy, who said, “It’s hard to pick just one favorite mystery writer, but I’d have to say two of the ones I really enjoy are David Baldacci and Erin Healy.”


Out of 14 entrants, the winner of Her Sister’s Shadow by Katharine Britton is Beth Hoffman, who said, “I’ve always enjoyed stories about sisters. There are so many I’ve read, but The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice is one of my favorites.”

Some Winners

I’ve got a bunch of winners to announce and congratulate from a recent set of giveaways.  For those of you who are looking for other book giveaways, please check out the right sidebar as always for giveaways on the blog and elsewhere on the Internet.

The winner of The Bedtime Book for Dogs by Bruce Littlefield and Illustrated by Paul S. Heath is #1 Rhapsody in Books, who said, ”

I love this line: ‘Normally, I’m not a children’s book reviewer..’ Serena, you are SO going to be one in no time at all! :–)

One of my favorite books to read to children is actually of book of children’s poetry, although I think it is out of print now. It is ‘Catch Me & Kiss Me & Say It Again’ (rhymes by Clyde Watson and pictures by Wendy Watson). It’s got a bunch of ‘interactive’ rhymes that you can act out with children, such as tickling them at the right moments, etc.”

Congrats to Jill.

The winner of The Decadent Lovely by Amy Pence is #13 Brittany Gale, who said, “Really enjoyed reading the second part of the interview. I love poetry and this seems to be the only site with poetry giveaways!”

Congrats to Brittany, and I hope the Canada Post stops striking soon.

The winner of the ARC of Dreams of Joy by Lisa See is #13 Reading Adventures, who said, “I can’t wait to read this book! As to my favourite Lisa See book, I think it is Peony in Love, although all of her historical fiction titles have been good. I wasn’t as keen on the mystery book I read by her.”

Congrats to Marg.

Finally, I had a giveaway for War & Watermelon by Rich Wallace, which is a great kids book for ages 10-12 that focuses on the home front aspects of the Vietnam War and growing up as a young boy.  The winner is #3 Wordy Evidence of the Fact, who said, “Finding solid books for young male readers can be a particular challenge…our award panels of late have definitely favored the female voice. Nancie Atwell’s school compiles gender-specific lists each year (created by the students) that are posted on their website http://www.c-t-l.org. It stays fresh and has some good classics too. Please consider me interested in this one. Thanks!”

Congrats Sara, and I hope you enjoy the book.

National Poetry Month Winners . . .

It’s time to announce the winners of the National Poetry Month giveaways.

First up is the winner of L.A. and the Dog Years / I Can Be One split-EP by Luke Rathborne.  My husband selected a random winner, #4 Brittany Gale.  Congrats!

The second giveaway was for one book of poetry that I reviewed over the course of April and entrants had a choice of five books:

1. The Poets Laureate Anthology edited by Elizabeth Hun Schmidt
2. City of Regret by Andrew Kozma
3. Bone Key Elegies by Danielle Sellers

4. City of a Hundred Fires by Richard Blanco
5. White Egrets by Derek Walcott

My husband again selected a random winner, #3 avalonne83, who selected City of a Hundred Fires by Richard Blanco


Some Winners . . .

The winners of The Eighth Scroll by Dr. Laurence B. Brown were chosen at random by my husband after a couple of tries not to pick myself or the author who commented on the interview post.  The winners are:

for the physical copy:  #13 Margie, who said, “Looks like a fascinating book! Thanks for the giveaway and interview.”

for the digital audio download:  #3 Nana, who said, “Interesting interview. Answers made me laugh. Yes, I agree. Sometimes you do your own thing somewhere and unbeknownst to you, someone might be doing a ‘similar’ and definitely one would be judged to have imitated the other. It’s a question of timing. In research, as you know, we call it Publish or Perish (POP).”

Congrats to the winners.

Winner of Forgetting English

Random.org selected #5 out of 13 entrants in the Forgetting English by Midge Raymond giveaway.

The winner is Julie of Read Handed, who said:  “I love the title of this collection. I enjoy reading short stories so I will have to check this out. One of my favorite collections of short stories is Coronado by Dennis Lehane. He is so well known for his novels (many of which have been adapted into movies) that his short stories are often overlooked, which is a shame.”

Congrats to Julie.  I hope you enjoy the book.

Winner of $35 Credit with NextDayFlyers

With Book Expo America on the horizon, I had thought there would have been more entrants into the business card credit giveaway from NextDayFlyers.com, but alas, there were only 6 entrants.

From the 6 entrants, Random.org selected #4:  Anna from Diary of an Eccentric, who said, “I’d definitely get some cards done for my blog…especially since the old ones I made don’t reflect the new URL.  Adding this giveaway to my sidebar.”

Congrats to Anna!  I hope everyone else will check out this great resource for your business card needs.

Winner of Madame Tussaud and Marie Antoinette Cupcake Earrings. . .

Out of 43 entrants into this giveaway for a signed copy of Michelle Moran’s latest novel, Madame Tussaud, and a pair of Marie Antoinette cupcake earrings, Random.org selected:

#28 Carol Wong, who said, “I started to get interested in the French revolution i n my high school world history class and later in French Literature class in college. It was so disappointing for grand ambitions of a democracy to collapse into te reign of terror. I would love to read more about the women leaders and the women writers of the time. Don’t think that they are ever mentioned in the history books.”

Congrats Carol, and I hope you enjoy the book and the earrings.

Winners. . .

I had some giveaways end on Valentine’s Day, but took forever to pick the winners.  Sorry about that!

The winner of Anjali Banerjee’s Haunting Jasmine is #3 Linda B, who said, “What an interesting interview and kudos for going for environmentally friends materials. I looked thru the ergonomic tips, good advice! thanks for the giveaway. I’m intrigued by the idea of a bookstore being part of the setting.”

The winner of Sins of the House of Borgia by Sarah Bower is #7 Nan, who said, “I somehow became interested in the Indian Rebellion of 1857. I can’t remember if it was initially through one of MM Kaye’s historical novels or The Raj Quartet.”

Thanks to all the entrants and congrats to the winners.

Winner of Dreaming in English…

Out of 16 entrants, random.org selected #9:

Iliana from Book Girl’s Nightstand who said, “I especially love the view. Granted, I don’t know if I’d stare out the window all day and daydream 🙂 ”

If you missed Laura Fitzgerald’s Guest Post,  you should check it out.  She has a fantastic writing space.

Winners of The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy

Recently, I held a giveaway for my US/Canada readers to win one of two copies of Mary Lydon Simonsen’s The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy (my review and her guest post).

Out of 22 entrants, the randomly selected winners were:

Linda, who said, “My daughter and I have been planning a trip to England and Wales for 3 or 4 years, even went so far as getting a passport.  Haven’t made it yet, but maybe this year.  I hope, hope.”


Vic of Jane Austen’s World, who said, “Thanks for a wonderful post, Mary. I feel that I know so much more about you and your work!”

Congrats to the winners and stay tuned for more great reviews, guest posts, and giveaways this month.