Mailbox Monday #512

Mailbox Monday has become a tradition in the blogging world, and many of us thank Marcia of The Printed Page for creating it.

It now has it’s own blog where book bloggers can link up their own mailbox posts and share which books they bought or which they received for review from publishers, authors, and more.

Leslie, Martha, and I also will share our picks from everyone’s links in the new feature Books that Caught Our Eye. We hope you’ll join us.

Here’s what I received:

The Darcy Brothers by Abigail Reynolds, a Kindle freebie.

Theo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother, Fitzwilliam, is not—charming, easy-going, and full of fun. A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship, but now they are together again. They are still at odds, though, this time over the love of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the truth about George Wickham. Will Wickham manage to divide the brothers again? And more importantly, which Mr. Darcy will Elizabeth choose? Find out as the two brothers lock horns in this unique Pride & Prejudice variation collectively written by five respected authors.

The Darcy Brothers was first conceived as an interactive group writing project and has developed into a full-length novel featuring the charismatic Theo Darcy. A sweet Regency romance for all lovers of Pride and Prejudice.

Mr. Darcy’s Refuge by Abigail Reynolds, a Kindle freebie.

Trapped for three days by a flood, and trapped forever by society because of it….

The river isn’t the only thing overflowing in Hunsford when a natural disaster forces Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to work together. The residents of flood-stricken Hunsford, seeking refuge in the parsonage atop the hill, are unaware they are interrupting Darcy’s disastrous proposal. Even worse, the flood has washed out the only bride to Rosings Park, stranding Darcy with the woman who has just refused his offer of marriage. But it may already be too late to redeem Elizabeth’s reputation….

One More Chance by Olga Wegner, a Kindle freebie.

What if Elizabeth Bennet had been given opportunity to prolong her stay in Derbyshire at the friends’ house for several months? Having Darcy as her close neighbour can she fall in love with him? Will she be able to look over her own prejudice and apprehension, and see a worthy man who loves, and desires her?

Remember the Past…Only As It Gives You Pleasure by Maria Grace, a Kindle freebie.

Elizabeth Bennet’s father, Admiral Thomas Bennet, assures his daughters that his retirement from His Majesty’s Navy will be the start of a new life for them all. Little does he know his family’s battles have only just begun.

Well-connected and in possession of a good fortune, their entry into society should have been a triumph. However, their long-awaited first season in London proves a disaster, and the resulting scandal sends the Bennets fleeing to the wilds of Derbyshire.

Widower Fitzwilliam Darcy, the master of Pemberley, wants for nothing, most especially not a wife. From the moment the Bennets arrive in Derbyshire, Darcy’s neatly ordered life turns upside down. His sons beg to keep company with their new playmates, the young Bennet twins. His mother-in-law sets her cap for Admiral Bennet. Worst of all, Darcy cannot get his mind off a certain bewitching Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but she has sworn never to let another gentleman near her heart.

Cabs, Cakes, and Corpses by Jennifer Joy, a Kindle freebie.

Jessica James isn’t the kind of girl who has adventures. She isn’t the kind of girl who hops on an airplane to a foreign destination. And she most definitely isn’t the kind of girl to traipse around in the jungle for a murder weapon. But one taxi ride changes everything.

Caught between the crime scene’s evidence and a hard-nosed homicide detective, Jessica is forced into one catastrophe after another as she searches for the truth. With the help of two elderly sisters (who are more troublesome than helpful), she’ll either catch a murderer … or end up in jail.

Will Jessica’s newfound bravery help her survive her vacation? Or will it make her the next victim?

Loving Longest by Lisa Van Gemert, a Kindle freebie.

When English teacher Emma Shepardson’s own life begins to echo Jane Austen’s novel “Persuasion,” she is too close to the situation to learn from Austen’s characters’ mistakes and must make her own. Recently widowed and guy shy, Emma knows all about literary conflict and theme, but when Adam Abramson enters her life, she can’t seem to transfer that knowledge to their relationship. Driven apart like Austen’s Anne Elliott and Captain Wentworth, Emma and Adam struggle unsuccessfully to overcome the forces that separate them. Adam, suffering from post traumatic relationship syndrome, can’t let himself trust Emma. Emma can’t forgive herself, her husband, Adam’s mother, or Adam himself, and hardens her heart against the pain she fears more than the love she feels. Their reunion eight years later challenges both of them to look beyond past hurt, to overcome the pain they’ve caused themselves and each other, and find out who really does love longest when all hope seems to be gone.

The Engagement by Olga Wegner, a Kindle freebie.

The story depicts the period of Darcy and Elizabeth’s engagement. How will our beloved couple survive three months of constant encounters with family, friends and relatives? Will they find a moment of privacy? Will they break the rules of propriety, anticipating their wedding vows?

What did you receive?