Thursday’s Poetic Thoughts

National Poetry Month has started, and there are a few poetry posts cropping up to celebrate poetry. Here’s my rendition of #WednesdayWisdom

As Jill at Rhapsody in Books found science and poetry are not mutually exclusive. In fact, there are similarities in how they peel back the layers of our reality to provide us a better understanding of the world around us. She highlights some great poems for adults and children, and I encourage you to check out her post to learn more.

At Necromancy Never Pays, Jeanne speaks about the difficulty she’s had making time to read and talk about poetry since the election of our new president. Time has been taken up by causes that she believes in, and these are equally important. However, she does share a “political” poem of sorts — more of what I would say is a lament for things that are no longer the same. But the most powerful part was her images of Mr. Rogers who reminds us that we “choose” what we spend time on and we each make a choice every minute. We need the wisdom to remember that.

For those looking to purchase some great poetry, the National Parks System is offering 20% off its Poetry in the Parks books, posters, magnets and even an Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead.