Join me at Better Than Starbucks!

I don’t talk much about my poetry writing on the blog, but I do post occasionally on Facebook about when I submit poems to magazines and contests and when I receive rejections.  I don’t let those rejections get me down … not too much.

I save the acceptances for the blog!  I love to announce what magazines have accepted my work, and I’m doubly happy that my urban haiku are beginning to find homes. I’m not a traditional haiku writer.  I’ve known this for a long time.  Like a modern woman, my subjects are bit more familiar to urbanites.

Hope you’ll check out the great poems at Better Than Starbucks!  I’m in the November issue (2nd column, midway down).

Thanks to Kevin McLaughlin for seeing merit in my little haiku.


  1. Oh, ventriloquist dummies scare me! Eyes moving left to right. Terrifying. Congrats on getting published!! I know you’ve had some successes lately and I believe that is due to your positive attitude and perseverance. Just keep submitting! You are gaining an audience.

  2. Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) says


  3. Congratulations, Serena! I will head over soon to take a look.

  4. Beth Hoffman says

    Wow, excellent haiku, Serena. Brava … I love it.

  5. Beverlee Swayze says

    Those are lovely! Congrats on the publication!