Mailbox Monday #406

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Here’s what I received?

A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery, a surprise from Tandem Literary.

Zoe Saldivar is more than just single-she’s ALONE. She recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, she works from home and her best friend Jen is so obsessed with her baby that she has practically abandoned their friendship. The day Zoe accidentally traps herself in her attic with her hungry-looking cat, she realizes that it’s up to her to stop living in isolation.

Her seemingly empty life takes a sudden turn for the complicated-her first new friend is Jen’s widowed mom, Pam. The only guy to give her butterflies in a very long time is Jen’s brother. And meanwhile, Pam is being very deliberately seduced by Zoe’s own smooth-as-tequila father. Pam’s flustered, Jen’s annoyed and Zoe is beginning to think “alone” doesn’t sound so bad, after all.

The Guests on South Battery by Karen White for review.

With her extended maternity leave at its end, Melanie Trenholm is less than thrilled to leave her new husband and beautiful twins to return to work, especially when she’s awoken by a phone call with no voice on the other end—and the uneasy feeling that the ghostly apparitions that have stayed silent for more than a year are about to invade her life once more.

But her return to the realty office goes better than she could have hoped, with a new client eager to sell the home she recently inherited on South Battery. Most would treasure living in one of the grandest old homes in the famous historic district of Charleston, but Jayne Smith would rather sell hers as soon as possible, guaranteeing Melanie a quick commission.

Despite her stroke of luck, Melanie can’t deny that spirits—both malevolent and benign—have started to show themselves to her again. One is shrouded from sight, but appears whenever Jayne is near. Another arrives when an old cistern is discovered in Melanie’s backyard on Tradd Street.

Melanie knows nothing good can come from unearthing the past. But some secrets refuse to stay buried….

What did you get?


  1. I got A Million Little Things too, a new author for me.

  2. A Million Little Things sounds fun. I don’t think I have read Karen White but I have heard good things. Enjoy your reading and Merry Christmas!

  3. Those both look good. Enjoy!

  4. A Million Little Things is on my TBR list. Hope we both enjoy it!

  5. Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) says

    I have the new Karen White, too. Can’t wait to catch up in the series. Happy reading!

  6. Suko http://www.sukosnotebook says

    Happy reading, Serena! Both sound very good.

  7. bermudaonion(Kathy) says

    I got the Karen White book at SIBA and did a little happy dance when I did. Enjoy your new books!

  8. A Million Little Things is a good read; hope you enjoy it.