2016 Honorable Mentions

Yes, the Best of 2016 list is out, but I would be remiss if I didn’t have a list of honorable mentions.

No words, just pictures! Click the pictures for the reviews.

What books were your favorites from 2016?


  1. http://iliana says

    Haven’t read any of these either. Really curious about some of them! By the way, are you hosting you poetry challenge again? I may have missed the post!

  2. http://Suko says

    So many good books, too little hours in the day! I hope to enjoy reading or listening to some of these.

  3. http://Ti%20Reed says

    I have some honorable mentions too but I know I won’t get around to posting about them. These last few weeks have sucked the life force out of me.

    • I had a day off earlier this week aft Christmas, so I took the time to go through my books from 2016 and pick out my favorites and honorable mentions.

  4. http://bermudaonion(Kathy) says

    I don’t even own any of those.

  5. http://Anna%20(Diary%20of%20an%20Eccentric) says

    I loved Denial of Conscience and The Trouble to Check Her! It was so hard to choose my favorites this year.