Writing Update…

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a bit behind in reading and writing reviews, and it seems that the Kindergarten rush has taken up a lot of my time.

I did want to update everyone on my own poetry writing and submissions process, for those who are interested of course.  I’m not sure when I’ve last updated you, but I did have one haiku accepted to Wild Plum – a haiku journal, which should appear in the fall/winter issue.

However, since that acceptance, I’ve submitted to 13 journals, and have received 9 rejections.  There are 4 journals I have not heard from, as yet.  Two I will be contacting shortly, as those poems have been under consideration since February and April, respectively.

As you can imagine, the process is arduous and filled with self-doubt.  But I’ve written a few poems for a completely new project, which only one person knows about, and new poems that are not really part of a project.

The haiku project is on the back burner as a I reassess its direction, since the manuscript I submitted to a competition was not selected or even in the final round.  I’ll get back to that at a later time.

How has your summer gone?  Any great books I’ve missed out on? Are you writing? What are your projects?


  1. bermudaonion(Kathy) says

    Yay for that one acceptance! Focus on that and keep plugging away.

  2. Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) says

    I can’t wait for you to get further in your new project. I’m very excited about it. You inspire me with your creativity and perseverance!