Guest Review: Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit: Coloring Designs to Nourish You with Love, Joy, Faith, Peace and More by Lorrie Bennett

tlc tour hostI’ve always loved coloring books, and while the adult coloring book craze has finally taken hold, I find myself more caught up in coloring in kids books with my daughter than I do engaging with my own adult coloring books.

Today, I’ve got a guest reviewer, Michelle Best, sharing her thoughts on the latest adult coloring book, Inkspirations Fruit of the Spirit: Coloring Designs to Nourish You with Love, Joy, Faith, Peace and More by Lorrie Bennett.

I was so excited when I received my coloring book in the mail, I had to look through it right away. At first glance, I noticed I really liked the pictures in the coloring book. Many of the adult coloring books today have designs, patterns, etc. and I really do enjoy an actual scene, which this book provides. There are also very good motivational sayings on each page which are Bible verses.

The first 8-10 pages are a little different than what I have seen before. They actually have instructions on how to color and how different colors compliment each other. There are also a few pages of samples of people who have actually colored some of the same pictures in the book. I thought this part of the book was unnecessary. Generally when adults will be coloring, they have colored before and are familiar with complimenting and contrasting colors.


Each coloring page consists of two pages, left and right. I actually like this so when you are done coloring you can see the complete scene across both pages along with the Bible verse that goes along with the page. The book it pretty thin and most of the books I have are a little thicker. This isn’t good or bad, just depends on your preference, but if I had two books the same price and I really liked both of them I would probably choose the book that’s a little thicker.

I completed coloring a page, which I really enjoyed. The lines were nice and easy to read, even for those of us getting a little older and have “tired eyes”. Too many tiny little details makes coloring difficult and I didn’t have any problems coloring my page. There are a few pages with more small details but for the most part it has larger coloring spaces to make coloring more enjoyable and relaxing and less stressful, which is what adult coloring is supposed to provide. I am looking forward to coloring more pages/scenes in the near future. Come on, rainy days, so I can color more!!!

About the Author:

Lorrie Bennett is blessed to live her life as an artist, crafter, teacher, graphic designer, and best of all, a mother. She is passionate about the divine inspiration that is the source of her creativity, and the happiness and beauty that it can bring to others. Learn more about Inkspirations.

Reviewer Bio: Michelle Best lives in Oregon, has been married 17 years and has three daughters (22, 19, and 15). She loves to read, garden, do crafts, go to country music concerts, and drink wine. She also loves to color with her daughters, especially on rainy days.


  1. Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) says

    This looks good! I only have one Austen coloring book, and I haven’t had much time to color in it yet, unfortunately.