Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson (audio)

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Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson, narrated by Katherine Kellgren, is a story about the chaos of prom, but it also begs the question just how important prom is to teenagers.  Ashley Hannigan is a barely graduating senior who does not care about prom, or dressing up, or other girlie things.  She’s got problems with authority, she steers clear of her mother’s over-exuberance for all things “normal,” and she suddenly finds her bad-girl reputation is on the line as she thrusts herself into the prom planning process just to help out a friend.  Anderson has got the voice of the misfit teen down, and Kellgren is a great narrator, except for the accent that seemed a little too New Jersey some times and a little less Philly.

As the teens scramble to recoup the lost time and money from the prom fund, which was stolen, Ashley suddenly becomes a “good” student.  She comes up with solutions to their problems with vendors who are mad they were not paid and venues that are solidly booked.  Ash helps her friends plan a prom, but she wants to continue hiding her involvement from her own mother.  Secrets always come out.

Her best friend’s grandmother, who’s in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, is a woman who speaks mostly Russian, but she’s got a fantastic talent — sewing.  She may show up in the weirdest places, like pools where people are blessed, but she has a heart of gold.  Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson, narrated by Katherine Kellgren, is a fun novel about teen girls and their top priorities, but it’s also about finding yourself when you don’t really know who you are or where you fit in.

About the Author:

Laurie Halse Anderson is the New York Times-bestselling author who writes for kids of all ages. Known for tackling tough subjects with humor and sensitivity, her work has earned numerous ALA and state awards. Two of her books, Speak and Chains, were National Book Award finalists.

Mother of four and wife of one, Laurie lives in Northern New York, where she likes to watch the snow fall as she writes. You can follow her adventures on Twitter and on her tumblr.


  1. Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) says

    I never understood the hoopla over these dances, even though I went to them. Glad you’re enjoying Anderson’s books.

  2. bermudaonion(Kathy) says

    I think prom (and homecoming for that matter) are outdated and need to be modernized. People build prom up so much and most kids are let down by it. This sounds like a good book.