Guest Post: Writing and the Written Word

Around here, we’ve got a respect for the written word. Notice I said “written” word, not “typed” word or “T9ed” word or “voice to texted” word. We’re talking about the written word: that which you learned at school. This is the kind of writing that saw your little hands trying to mimic the smooth loops of your teacher’s cursive, or the neat, plain print your Mother used to address a letter. Handwriting has a special place in our hearts and our brains. And even though most of the words on this blog are typed in through a keyboard control surface, it’s handwriting which wins the day in our hearts and our homes.

Uni-ball is trying to take handwriting back for a new generation, one that no longer teaches cursive in schools and instead emphasizes technological forms of collecting and organizing words. For the college professor profiles in uni-ball’s new ad, handwriting is the most personal form of recorded communication, and it’s one that has a unique role in our society and personal development.

She makes her own students write with pens on paper when taking their own field notes. She thinks it facilitates learning and memory in a way that keyboarding does not. She also cherishes handwritten notes from her students, and keeps them forever. She also writes plenty of her own. It’s not just retro sentimentality. Handwriting is different than keyboard communication. It contains a personal nuance that is as differentiated as every individual’s fingerprint.

To keep handwriting alive, she used uni-ball pens. For ease of use and smoothness, uni-ball is unparallelled. It’s a writer’s pen, perfecting the form in a day when technologists would be tempted to call it irrelevant. But handwriting will always have a place, even as other communication forms evolve. There’s nothing like it for personal communication, for a tactile handling of a thought. To learn more about the pen click here, and perhaps try out your own uni-ball pens.

  • Suko http://www.sukosnotebook

    I agree that handwritten communications are quite valuable! I am tempted to get a package of uni-ball pens. 🙂