Haiku Friday! #1

I’ve written some great haiku so far, and I’m having a great time revisiting this form.

Many of the haiku I’m writing are urban and modern, compared to the nature haiku of the Japanese.

Today is Haiku Friday for National Poetry Month 2015. I hope that you’ll share your haiku or even just your favorite haiku from other poets.

Here are the three I’ve written since April started; feel free to comment below:

Pull tab, sliding door
a sigh of air passes out,
inside motion yells.

Under his armpit
held high, towering over me
an anchor dug deep.

Peel back tin lid slow,
we’re lined up like fish
ready for eating.


If you want more about Haiku, Parrish Lantern has a great review up that will help you examine haiku in new ways.