Guest Post: Writing As A Career

As the economy is starting to improve, there are people like Daniel Handler who have seen that writing might lead to a profitable income. Writing is a job that has several benefits depending on who you write for and how often you write.

When you’re looking for a job that can be done from almost anywhere, consider writing. There are sites online that pay for each article that is written, and this is how you can begin to expand your career. Choosing clients to write for who enjoy your work can sometimes lead to other positions. These positions could range from writing for a newspaper to writing an article once a month for a magazine. There are companies across the world that are looking for people who know how to properly write a captivating article for others to read. The best thing about writing is that as long as you have access to a computer, you can work and make money. You can do research anywhere that has the information you need, such as a public library or school. Articles can be submitted online, or they can be mailed or faxed to the company for approval. Most companies try to pay writers as soon as possible, but the article does need to be approved before you are paid.

Another advantage of writing is that you can work around your schedule. It’s something that can be done while you’re at home with the children or if you are a student trying to make a little extra money while in college. This is an ideal way for those who stay at home to make money, especially if they don’t have a way to find work outside of the home or if they are unable to work at a public job due to a disability or injury. You get to set your own hours. People like Handler know that time is of the essence, and after writing and article, it needs to be proofread before it’s submitted. This might mean you complete one or two projects a day or a dozen. The amount that you make is up to you when you choose a career in writing.

  • James Bishop

    Iā€™m not gifted in writing but
    I admire those people who have it.

  • I write poetry and that is not at all a career option….:D