2014 Reading Challenges

Everyone got a jump ahead of me on signing up for challenges this year. At least that’s how it seems to me. Anyway, here are my reading challenges and goals. I’ll try to update this if I decide on more or less. 

Click on the images for the challenge rules and sign-up pages.

1. Dive Into Poetry Reading Challenge 2014

Goal: Dive in and read 7 or more books of poetry



2.  2014 War Challenge With a Twist

Goal: Expert: Read 2+ books for each war for a total of 12 books



3.  2014 European Reading Challenge

Goal: Two Star (Adventurer): Read two qualifying books.

**I could increase this personal goal throughout the year.

I’m already revising this goal to Five Star (Deluxe Entourage): Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries.

4.  2014 Portuguese HF Challenge

Goal: Afonsine – 1 to 3 books



5.  2014 New Author Challenge

Goal: 50 New-to-Me Authors



6. 2014 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

Goal: Renaissance Reader – 10 books




7. 2014 Ireland Reading Challenge

Goal: Shamrock level: 4 books


What reading challenges have caught your eye that you’d think I’d be interested in?