205th Virtual Poetry Circle

Welcome to the 205th Virtual Poetry Circle!

Remember, this is just for fun and is not meant to be stressful.

Keep in mind what Molly Peacock’s books suggested. Look at a line, a stanza, sentences, and images; describe what you like or don’t like; and offer an opinion. If you missed my review of her book, check it out here.

Also, sign up for the 2013 Dive Into Poetry Challenge because its simple; you only need to read 1 book of poetry. Check out the stops on the 2013 National Poetry Month Blog Tour and the 2012 National Poetry Month Blog Tour.

Today’s poem is from Sally Keith from The Fact of the Matter (my review):

Providence (page 3)

The restaurant owner opened the doors
to let in the smell from the sea
which stuck on the breeze.  On the table,
a white linen, a low candle, a tiger lily bouquet.
The specials chalked in cursive we read
from a slate, while the waiter, starched shirt
and folded apron, explained them and we ordered,
at first, a carafe of a thinner than usual pale colored wine.
My mother sat across from me.
She did not lean into her elbow on the table, did not
slide her weight up her arm to make a leading shoulder.
The light in her eyes was first a pool, then a line.
Outside the skiffs in exit sailed toward us.
On the corner a crushed Diet Coke can.
What she then told me, I remember.
Salt was exploding all over the sea.

What do you think?


  1. This poem reminds me so much of the book I am reading right now called Girls to Know by Douglas Trevor about a disgruntled former employee of a gang comes in and kills everyone except the narrator because the gun jams.

  2. This was one of my favorites in the book as well.

  3. This was my favorite of the poems she read at the festival. It makes me think about how sometimes when something important happens you can remember what was going on around you at the time, even the littlest details.