Taboo Poetry…A Game

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Have you ever played that early 1990’s game Taboo from Hasbro?  Today, I would invite you all to play along with me as we create a poem in the comments in celebration of National Poetry Month.

The object of the game here is to create a poem about the word below, without referring to that word or any of the other 5 words that are most used to describe it.

The word is ROMANCE

And the forbidden words (and their variations) are:  LOVE, BURNING, PASSION, SWEET, HEART

So each commenter can write one line for the poem that describes ROMANCE, but does not use that word or the five forbidden words.

At the end of the day, I’ll collect all the lines and post the full poem next week; It’ll be fun to see what all the creative minds out there can come up with.

OK, Get started!


  1. The promise of promises yet to come

  2. Words spoken, yet
    nothing said, glances
    lock, then lost

  3. I’m not any good at poetry but here goes…

    the bliss of a kiss…

  4. yearning for your touch

  5. [THIS IS HARD! 🙂 I’ve rewritten this line about ten times — I keep using forbidden words!]

    Stealthy, unexpected, brilliant, bright. The surprise of a star, a first kiss

  6. gently pushing through the wall i built up

  7. winding around me like ivy

  8. Can we defy expectations, and have this part never end?


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