PopCircle Is the Newest Recommendation Community; It’s More Than Just Books

While most readers turn to Good Reads and Library Thing, as well as book blogs, for their book recommendations these days, we often like more than just reading — think television, movies, and music.

As a member of PopCircle, you have an opportunity not only to check out what books people are recommending and reviewing, but also what their music, movie, and television tastes are.

I’ve been beta testing for a few months, and have really enjoyed creating lists of books I’m reading (which you can check out) and it will be the only place you’ll find my Best of Lists from Savvy Verse & Wit, without having to do too much scrolling and searching through blog pages.  Check out my profile.  I’m considered a Book Expert on the site, and I’m glad that they’ll be expanding the lists because I want to create a list of poetry books for beginning readers, intermediate readers, and expert readers.

I’ve already got some great book lists going for my best reads dating back to 2008, and I’ve started a list of to-read books, as well as started filling out my favorite TV, movies, and music. PopCircle generates recommendations based on the other members in your circles and who has similar tastes, and it is not just automated nonsense.

I hope you’ll pop over and join.  Signing up is easy.  Facebook logins carry over onto PopCircle.

Click here to sign up today:

You’ll also see I’ve added this icon to my “Connect Online” section at the top of the Webpage.  Now get started creating your own circles and building your circle connections.

And yes, if you sign up using my links, I will get a small referral fee.

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  1. I just signed up too but haven’t finished clicking on the link! 😉

  2. I just signed up through your link and am following you. Will go back and check it out more closely and add books, etc., when I have more time. Thanks for the info!