Our Word Association Poem Revealed…

Click the above image for today’s National Poetry Month Blog Tour post!

On Friday, I asked everyone to word/phrase associate with a pre-posted line of poetry to create a poem. Here’s the result of our collective minds:

I hope you’ve had fun with these activities over the last month.

Here’s our final result:

Bent sunbeams wind the road up
we climb carefully
ladders held by none
Fear, teasing us.
Breath held in anticipation
the sense of falling while standing still

What do you think?


  1. I think it sounds lovely. I had fun with these activities!

  2. I think this is brilliant! We did well. 😉

  3. The word association poem is very beautiful.

    • Thanks, Tea. I hope that you’ve checked out some of the other activities throughout the month. They had some great results.