Creating a Word Association Poem….

Click the image above for today’s National Poetry Month blog post!

Over the last several weeks during National Poetry Month, I’ve been letting the creativity flow on the blog and enlisting your help in creating some unique pieces. We’ve created Fibonacci, Blackout, and Taboo poems.

On this last Friday of National Poetry Month, I’d like to do some word/phrase association with everyone to create a poem.

I’ll give you a lead off line, and then each commenter can add the first thing that comes to their mind for the next line…and it can be just one word or a whole phrase if you feel ambitious.

Let’s make this last Friday in National Poetry Month rock with an “epic” poetry creation.

Here’s the lead phrase:

Bent sunbeams wind the road up

Ready, Set, Go have fun!


  1. dizzy…

  2. the sense of falling while standing still

  3. Breath held in anticipation

  4. Fear, teasing us.

  5. ladders held by none

  6. we climb carefully