The House Girl by Tara Conklin

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  1. Great review! I think I’d probably be drawn to the historical story, too.

  2. Sounds like this one has a lot to recommend it, a lot of promise, but just didn’t quite work. I’ve been thinking about this one but perhaps I’ll pass.

  3. I just finished this one a few days ago and have mixed feelings. I think you captured a lot of them in your review but much more eloquently!

  4. I’m tossing this one around…just might have to read it!

  5. Nice review Serena! This is on my wishlist to read. It sounds like a book I’d really enjoy. Glad to hear you liked it.

  6. I think that cover is just gorgeous! The slavery reparation is really interesting to me, something that I think if I read this book I would want to research further.

    Thanks for being on the tour!

  7. Nice review — I actually loved Lina’s storyline as I was fascinated with the premise of a class action lawsuit on reparations for slavery. So interesting! Overall, this novel totally won me over.

    • I liked her story line, but writing about holocaust reparation cases of this nature on a daily basis, there were things in her story line that didn’t sit right. I did like the book. It just didn’t wow me.

  8. I think I’d prefer just hearing about Josephine’s story.

  9. I think the stories worked okay together but I agree Lina’s story could have made a whole separate book.

    • I liked Josephine’s story best of the two meshed together, but I think if the stories were separated into two books, I would have liked Lina’s just as well.

  10. I’m not sure this is for me but I’m intrigued about the setting of Lynnhurst – I wonder if it’s based on Lyndhurst.


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