2013 Challenges

I’m joining this challenge again because there are some books I wanted to read in 2012, that I didn’t get to read yet. I’ll sign up for Shamrock level: 4 books

I really enjoy the different books i can find for this challenge from Irish characters to historical fiction and even young adult and poetry books.


For this challenge, which I co-host with Anna at Diary of an Eccentric, I plan to read Wade 4-10 books. And no, I don’t have a list of books for this beforehand.  I don’t read a lot about the American Revolution, but I do plan to read Treacherous Beauty.



I always enjoy this challenge, so I’m signing up again. I can’t wait to see which new authors I discover in 2013. I seem to always surpass my goal for this one, but I’m still sticking with the basic level of 25 for me.




I’m hosting a new poetry reading and participation challenge this year called Dive Into Poetry Challenge 2013.

I’ll likely be doing all of the options in the challenge, so click on the button for the rules and sign up!

Some other challenges I’m considering for 2013, but have not signed up for due to possible time constraints include:


  1. Thanks everyone. I am only going to sign up for four this go around…and if I accomplish some other goals, that will just be a bonus.

  2. Best of luck to you. I’ve found that I’m not really all that good with challenges any more.

  3. Good luck with the reading challenges! I think I’m behind in a couple of those Patterson books, but I’m not sure yet if I want to continue the series. I think I’ll wait for you to get to those first, lol.

  4. Welcome to the Ireland Challenge!

  5. Good luck, Serena!