My Soul to Take by Tananarive Due

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  1. I know people who are slavishly devoted to this series — but have started from the beginning. It’s too bad that reading the earlier books is so crucial to enjoying the story!

    • I liked the book well enough, but I think that when I accepted it based on assurances it was a standalone, I was disappointed to find myself playing catch up. There were moments of confusion for me, and I had to push through those moments to get back into the story.

      • Boo — that’s so disappointing! I would be frustrated to play catch up, too, esp if it was sold to me as an acceptable stand alone!

        • For stories of this nature that blend reality (even in the future) with a fantastical world, you have to maintain that sense of the world created, but if not enough is shown in the current book and you need to read the others to stay there, it’s harder to do as a reader and very distracting

  2. Books like this aren’t my cup of tea anyway, but I appreciate you letting us know it’s not a standalone novel. I give you kudos for finishing it. I would have been too confused and would have given up early on.

    • The story was interesting enough to keep me going, but I was wondering about certain aspects of the immortals world that were probably revealed earlier on…like how did Michel and Fana come to be and why are they considered the bringers of the Cleansing, etc. It was interesting to say the least, but I think I would have to have read the first ones to really enjoy it more.

  3. I won’t look for this one since I haven’t started the series. Thanks for your review.

    • I found I was playing too much catch up with this one, having not read the first 3 novels. I don’t think this would make it as a standalone novel.