Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? by Steven Tyler With David Dalton

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  1. Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books says

    The audio was excellent – the reader/narrator totally channeled Steven Tyler.

    Yes, his drug problem is huge (we saw him promo this at BEA in May 2009; he was back in rehab that fall), and he has very little respect for woman.

    So, I can’t explain why I like him so much … it’s really the music. It’s all about the music!

    • Dawn, I agree, it is the music. I really don’t like him as a person…but I found this memoir fascinating. Unfortunately, the library didn’t have the audio, so I read the book.

  2. Oooh, you read this book? I was a huge fan of Aerosmith–even waited on the entire band and got Steven’s autograph back in the 90’s. I bet it was pretty rough. I love to read a big, old meaty rock memoir like this, full of tales of, well, everything. Lucky you!

    • I snagged it from the library! I had a good time reading this, and I think it was very genuine and revealing. I think you’d like it.

  3. I listened to the audio book but I think I might have enjoyed it better if I read it. The rambling nature was a little difficult to follow. The narrator was very good though. I thought there was way too much emphasis on the sex and drugs and not enough about the band, family and friends. I do like Aerosmith and enjoy Tyler’s music; maybe I was just expecting a different kind of book.

    • I agree that he rambles a bit going back and forth in time, but that made it seem more like a sit down with him than a memoir. I didn’t mind that it was mostly about sex and drugs, since I expected that it would be given the “media” attention to that aspect of his life…but he may also want to keep the family and friends bits private.

  4. I really love celebrity memoirs, especially ones concerning addiction. This looks right up my ally. I am a little apprehensive considering I’m not the biggest Steven Tyler fan, but it still looks worth checking out!

  5. Lenasledgeblog.com says

    I really enjoy Steve Tyler’s music. I didn’t know he had a memoir. But I would expect it to be gritty and slightly vulgar. Does he talk about his daughters in his memoir? Or how he balanced being a father and rockstar? That would be interesting to read.

  6. Another great review — I’m not a fan of contemporary memoirs as a rule but there is something fascinating and compulsively intriguing about celebrities like Tyler. I appreciate that his memoir seems to be very honest, but like you and others, I suspect his attitude toward women would turn me off. Too bad!

    • I think the bad attitude toward women is part of who he is unfortunately, and I think it didn’t bother me because I wanted honesty…and that’s what I got here — I think, for the most part.

  7. Glad you enjoyed it. Sounds interesting, but not sure it’s for me.

    • Not sure this would be your cup of tea either. I like rock and roll documentaries, and this memoir is interesting to say the least.

  8. I enjoyed this as I listened to it, but also wondered how Tyler would feel if people talked about his daughters they way he spoke about women.

  9. As a music lover, I totally enjoyed this book. To me, it was like the history of rock and roll, because Tyler was right there in the middle of it. He didn’t offend me, but I can’t say I like him more now. I think the way he treats women is abhorrent, and I also have doubts as to whether he will ever kick his drug habit (I really thought he had by how he was acting on AI). If you resort to snorting Lunesta, then there is a more pervasive problem that dozens of rehabs can handle!

    • I agree with you that there is a real pervasive problem underlying his drug use that has not been addressed and I’m not sure that it will be. I like to read these memoirs to see where these rock and roll artists are coming from. I love the history in this book and Tyler comes across as very intelligent about music, and that makes it more disheartening that he hasn’t kicked the drug habit. I just wanted to call attention to his language and graphic nature…for others…it doesn’t bother me at all. I hate how he treats women as well.

  10. Excellent and fair review, Serena! I. must. have. this. book! I have been a fan of Aerosmith since, get this, 3rd grade. I have seen them in concert 7 times (front row once) and I have their wings logo (sans name) tattooed on my right ankle. There has to be something about these people that is genuine. I truly believe this. For all they have weathered as a band, the drugs, drinking, and, I’m sure, the egotistical moments, they have stuck together when most bands would have thrown in the towel and have enjoyed longevity and vast popularity as a band. And after watching Steven on American Idol earlier this year, I really felt that he brought some realness to the show. If he’s still a judge next year, too bad I won’t be watching because he is the one I will miss. Thanks again for the great review. This book is definitely going on my wishlist!

    P.S. I won David Bowie’s memoir from Reviews at Martha’s Bookshelf and I can’t wait to read it!

    • Jealous! I am Jealous about the David Bowie memoir Win! I just love that guy too. I hope you pick this one up…I borrowed it from the library, but now I want my own copy!