Stephen King’s IT Read-a-Long

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Bring in the dark, the creepy, and the clowns!  Yes, you heard me right.  It’s time to begin the Stephen King’s IT Read-a-Long!

Today marks the start of my read-a-long with Anna from Diary of an Eccentric, who is afraid of clowns.  Anna and I will be discussing this book on our blogs for alternating months.

This month on Aug. 24, we’ll be posting our discussion on my blog for part 1, which includes: Part 1:  The Shadow Before and Derry:  The First Interlude

And next month, on Sept. 28, we’ll be discussing part 2 on her blog.  For the rest of the schedule, go here.

How will you be reading IT?  In broad daylight? At the beach? In the dark? Under the covers?  Won’t you join us?

  • I’d love to re-read it, but I left off in the middle of my Harry Potter session and need to get back to reading the last 3.5 books.

    Loved it, loved Stephen King, so I love that you are doing this!

    • I wish you could join us.

  • Tea Time with Marce

    OMG, this book is over 1000 pages, wtf, I totally didn’t realise that, lmao. I have already agreed to read with you guys though, I won’t back out :-0

    • That’s why the read-a-long is one part per month. If you can’t join because of the length, it is understandable.

  • I’m going to try to locate my copy when I get back from vacation. Hopefully, I can get the first part read before the 24th!

    • I hope you found your copy and have begun reading.

  • I will join in and I will be reading at night to assist with the scare, lol

    My 1st time reading it.

  • I’ll be reading it but not at night and not when I’m alone. I’m already freaked out by clowns, so why you want to torture me with this book, I have no idea.

    • You said you wanted to read a scary book, and this is the scariest one I could think of.

  • I absolutely loved IT when I read it (late college, early career?). Put a fear of clowns in my heart like nobody’s business. I don’t think there is any way I can do this read-along with all the stuff I have on my plate, but I will happily watch the two of you enjoy it. The kids and I actually JUST re-watched the movie a couple of weeks ago.

    • LOL Maybe you can simply join the discussion in the comments…if you choose. I really hope that others will be joining us. It should be fun! Anna’s never read it, but I have….long ago. I just wonder if I’ll be as scared now.

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