Armchair BEA: Interview with The True Book Addict

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  1. Hey there! Michelle you are so amazing and I love, love all your reviews (but you knew that already:) Your boys are beautiful! Enjoy them now that they’re little- cuz time flies and then you’ll miss those squishy hugs…
    Loved the interview and getting to know you better{Hugs}

    • Thanks Lucy! It means a lot. Yes, they do grow up too fast.

      And the same sentiments back at you. One of my favorite historical fiction blogs…great reviews and have given me such great advice in the past. 🙂
      Michelle @ The True Book Addict´s last blog post ..CAT THURSDAY

  2. What a cute kitty! 3000 books, wow! Great job!

  3. Loved the interview, especially since Michelle is one of my favorite people. She is a lovely person and I’m very glad I’ve gotten a chance to know her even better. Though I could do without the cats, give me a dog anyday.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I’m with you about the dogs. I’d rather have dogs now, but when I was younger, I always had cats.

    • Back at you, Ryan! I can even forgive you the dogs. 😉 You were the one who introduced me to book blogging. I will always be grateful to you for that…and for your friendship!
      Michelle @ The True Book Addict´s last blog post ..CAT THURSDAY

  4. Wonderful interview, Serena. Love Michelle!

    I find myself getting swamped with review books and I need to bite the book bullet, like Michelle, and start becoming more selective with the books I choose. Maybe even accepting more e-books or pdfs, because space is so limited!

    Michelle, I adore Alice! I too love cats so I am thinking that perhaps I should participate in your Cat Thursday . . .

    Thanks again for the interview. I enjoy finding out new information about my fellow bloggers.

    Happy Wednesday!

    • Lori, I’m glad that you enjoyed the interview. I just love cats as long as they are other people’s cats and not my own. They always cause too much mischief when they live with me. LOL

    • Thanks Lori! I adore you too. 🙂

      And yes, you should do Cat Thursday. It’s a lot of fun! There are so many great cat images out there.
      Michelle @ The True Book Addict´s last blog post ..CAT THURSDAY

  5. Great interview! It’s nice getting to know fellow book bloggers a bit more. 3,000 books! I wouldn’t even know where to put them all!
    Anna´s last blog post ..Review- Mr Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman by Maria Hamilton

  6. This is great, Serena! Again, thanks for having me. 🙂
    Michelle @ The True Book Addict´s last blog post ..ARMCHAIR BEABEST OF 2011