Poetry Books 2011: Indie Lit Award Suggestions

Although official nominations for the 2011 Indie Lit Awards will not be accepted until September, I wanted to start collecting recently published poetry titles for consideration.  I’m borrowing this idea from Eclectic/Eccentric, who created a running list for her category, speculative fiction.

Also, if you want a handy tutorial on how to search for the latest poetry books, please visit Regular Rumination.  I couldn’t have explained it better.

To access this list at any time, please click on this icon in the right sidebar.

So, here’s a ever-growing list of poetry books published in 2011; please feel free to leave titles in the comments and I will see that they are included:

Cormorant Beyond the Compost by Elisavietta Ritchie (published January 2011)

Something’s Wrong With the Cornfields by Margaret Randall (January 2011)

Imagining the Self by Laverne Frith (published January 2011)

After the Ark by Luke Johnson (published January 2011)

The Book of Men by Dorianne Laux (published February 2011)

The Book of Ten by Susan Woods (published February 2011)

Money Shot by Rae Armantrout (published February 2011)

The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception: Poems by Martha Silano (published February 2011)

Head Off & Split by Nikky Finney  (Published February 2011)

The Broken Word by Adam Foulds (published March 2011)

Culture of One by Alice Notley (published March 2011)

Together:  Stories and Poems by Julius Chingono and John Eppel (published March 2011)

Crack Willow: Poems of Transformation by Shelby Allen (published March 2011)

Ethics of Sleep by Bernadette Mayer (published March 2011)

Space, In Chains by Laura Kasischke (published in March 2011)

The Chameleon Couch by Yusef Komunyakaa (published March 2011)

Invisible Strings by Jim Moore (published March 2011)

In A Beautiful Country by Kevin Prufer (published March 2011)

Illinois, My Apologies by Justin Hamm (published April 2011 )

Horoscopes for the Dead by Billy Collins (published April 2011)

The Art of Angling:  Poems About Fishing by Henry Hughes (published April 2011)

She Walks in Beauty by Caroline Kennedy, Jane Alexander, John Bedford Lloyd, and Hope Davis (published April 2011)

Leavings by Wendell Berry (published April 2011)

Good Poems, American Places edited by Garrison, Keillor (published April 2011)

Sightseer by Cynthia Marie Hoffman (published April 2011)

A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World by Kimberly LaRocca (published April 2011)

Curses and Wishes by Carl Adamshick (published April 2011)

Words for You by Various Artists (published April 2011 — Audio CD)

purrrrrrr by Abraham Uravic (published April 2011)

Three Hours to Burn a Body by Suzanne Roberts (published May 2011)

Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow by Jennifer C. Wolfe (published May 2011)

Flies by Michael Dickman (published May 2011)

Spare Parts and Dismemberment by Josh Fernandez (published May 2011)

Life on Mars by Tracy K. Smith (published May 2011)

This Strange Land by Shara McCallum (published May 2011)

Soul Clothes by Regina D. Jemison (published May 2011)

Dhaka Dust by Dilruba Ahmed (published June 2011)

Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology of Romanian Poetry translated by Martin Woodside (published July 2011)

FFing by Meg Frances (published July 2011)

Broetry by McGackin, Brian (published July 2011)

Come, Thief by Jane Hirshfield (published August 2011)

Clean by Kate Northrop (published August 2011)

Listen With Your Eyes by Strainj (published August 2011)

Transfer by Naomi Shihab Nye (published September 2011)

Three Women:  A Poetic Triptych and Selected Poems by Emma Eden Ramos (published September 2011)

Beyond the Scent of Sorrow by Sweta Srivastava Vikram (published September 2011)

Apologetic for Joy by Jessica Hiemstra-Van Der Horst (published October 2011)

Waking by Ron Rash (published October 2011)

The Glossary of Tania Aebi by Carolyne Whelan (published 2011)


  1. And another one: In A Beautiful Country by Kevin Prufer.

  2. Here’s another one for the list: This Strange Land, by Shara McCallum

  3. James Eisenstein says

    I’ve found it online. The Triptych part is actually very skillful. Wasn’t crazy about the three pieces after it though. They seemed adolescent. The authors only 24 (according to goodreads). Not bad for 24. Not bad at all. Looking forward to reading your review Serena.

  4. James Eisenstein says

    Thank you. The Triptych has high marks on good reads. Sounds like it might be a tad pretentious though. Perhaps I’ll give it a read.

    • I hope you stop by next month to leave your thoughts on the collection. I’m not sure if it is pretentious, but if it is I’d be sure to point it out.

  5. James Eisenstein says

    I have heard great things about Ron Rash’s book. How the Triptych (Three Women?)? I’ve seen it posted on a few other blogs. Sounds like it could be interesting…

  6. For the most honest thought provocking conscious poetry out there you guys should check out the book “LISTEN WITH YOUR EYES the poet tree of Strainj” very, very inspirational.

  7. Tracy K. Smith, Life on Mars. I talked about two of the poems from this volume today at NNP.

  8. spare parts and dismemberment by josh fernandez. thanks!

  9. Gonna toot my own horn proudly and add my first book into the mix: desperanto.com/ff.html
    FFing by Meg Frances

  10. Abraham Uravic says

    My book “purrrrrrr” was released in April 2011 with CreateSpace and is available on my web site and amazon.com.

  11. I would like to recommend “A Black Girl’s Poetry for the World” by Kimberly LaRocca, published in 2011.

    Thanks Selena!

  12. What about poetry books published after September 2011? Can they be nominated? I’m very excited about Naomi Shihab Nye having a new volume of poetry out, “Transfer”, in September.

  13. Susan Wood, The Book of Ten
    Rae Armantrout, Money Shot
    Adam Foulds, The Broken Word
    Alice Notley, Culture
    I’ve discussed a poem from The Book of Ten and Money Shot on my blog already, and will be featuring at least one poem from these other volumes soon.

  14. Would it be tacky to add my own book to the list? NYQ Books published my collection After the Ark in January.

    • I’ve added your book. Please return closer to Sept. to make official nominations for the Indie Lit Awards, though you cannot nominate your own book or books you’ve helped produce or edit.

  15. Megan Burns says

    Bernadette Mayer’s Ethics of Sleep (Trembling Pillow Press, 2011)

    • Thanks for the suggestion. it has been added. Please return closer to Sept. to make official nominations for the Indie Lit Awards.

  16. Bernadette Geyer says

    I’d recommend Sightseer, by Cynthia Marie Hoffman, published by Persea Books earlier this year.

    • I will add this to the list and check it out. Please return closer to Sept. to make official nominations for the Indie Lit Awards.

  17. I recommend the volume entitled The Book of Men by Dorianne Laux

  18. Great idea!

  19. Glad to see Chingono and Eppel’s collaboration on the list.


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