Bon Jovi: When We Were Beautiful, Conversations with Phil Griffin

Bon Jovi:  When We Were Beautiful, conversations with Phil Griffin came with a copy of the latest album, The Circle, as part of the Book Blogger Convention auction.

The book is chock full of behind the scenes, on stage, and recording photos, plus interviews with the band members.  Fans of Bon Jovi will be fascinated to learn about the family that is Bon Jovi.  Bon Jovi:  When We Were Beautiful is not only a look at the past, present, and possible future of the band, but also about the dedication and ambition that each member holds in unison for what they have created.

The book is a testament to that dedication and how the band continues to survive throughout the decades as the music scene changes and other bands have fallen out of favor.  The book was autographed by the band, and the book is a nice hefty hardcover.

Another fun fact about the book is that one of our very own blogger friends, Jo-Jo from Jo-Jo Loves to Read!!! is in the book on page 122 in one of the photos from a recent Bon Jovi concert.  As Jo-Jo puts it, “I also have my cell phone open thinking I would take a pic, but it didn’t turn out anyway!  I remember thinking, How in the world did I even consider NOT going to this concert?”  How could she have thought not to go, indeed!

Bon Jovi:  When We Were Beautiful is a great addition to anyone’s coffee table collection of books. One takeaway from the book is that young people interested in becoming famous singers or rock stars should dream big and not just want to be in a famous singer, but go to takelessons and start their journey to be that famous singer. Making dreams come true takes ambition, dedication, and determination.  Fans will surely read it all in one sitting and cherish every page and every photo, and others will simply enjoy perusing through its pages at a leisurely pace getting to know each of the band members one at a time.

This is my 49th book for the 2010 New Authors Reading Challenge.


  1. I’m glad you liked this book Serena! You can’t imagine how shocked I was to be paging through this book right before meeting my book group one evening and finding ME! lol
    I think it’s great how these guy support each other in every aspect of life.
    Jo-Jo´s last blog post ..Teaser Tuesday-Oct 12

    • That must have been surprising to see yourself in the photo. Did you show everyone at the book group? I totally would have!

  2. Ahhhhhh. My heart is all warm and tingly. Not in a screeching, high school girl way, but I do just love that man. I remember listening to him when he first hit the scene (I was in high school) with my boyfriend, who, without all the hair, looked amazingly like Jon. And the singer has still got it going on after all these years. He adapts to the times and he so damn talented. I have to make a point to hunt this book down and paw it a little.
    Sandy´s last blog post ..The Financial Lives of the Poets – Jess Walter

  3. I love Bon Jovi, so I’ll have to look at this book a bit more next time I’m at your house.
    Anna´s last blog post ..Mailbox Monday — October 11