Tatjana Soli Talks About Vietnam

I’ve been a bit quiet this week, but I did want to call your attention to a great guest post from Tatjana Soli, author of The Lotus Eaters, that Anna and I posted on War Through the Generations.

Soli raises a great number of questions about what war means and how location plays into that, but she also highlights how the impact of war is best seen from the individual perspective — whether it is the soldier, the journalist, or the average civilian.  In a way, this post explains how she became inspired enough to write The Lotus Eaters.

I hope you take the time to check out the guest post and leave a comment.  If you missed my review of this phenomenal book, please check that out as well.

***As an aside, have you seen the episode of Samantha Brown’s travel show?   You should check out the episode on Vietnam.