Mailbox Monday #94

Mailbox Mondays (click the icon at the right to check out the tour) has gone on tour since Marcia at The Printed Page passed the torch.  This month our host is Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit.  Kristi of The Story Siren continues to sponsor her In My Mailbox meme.  Both of these memes allow bloggers to share what books they receive in the mail or through other means over the past week.

Just be warned that these posts can increase your TBR piles and wish lists.

Here’s what I received:

1.  Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, which I pre-ordered from Amazon long ago.

2.  Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning the second in the MacKayla Lane series and for a TLC Book Tour in October.

3.  A Vampire Is Coming to Dinner: 10 Rules to Follow by Pamela Jane for an October TLC Book Tour.

4. 13 Rue Therese by Elena Mauli Shapiro, a surprise from Reagan Arthur and Hachette Group due out in Feb. 2011, and it came with some sour lemon candies.

What did you receive in your mailbox?


  1. Great mailbox Serena, enjoy 🙂 I’m curious about the Suzanne Collins books.

  2. Monica (aka monnibo) says

    Mockingjay! Mockingjay! Mockingjay!!!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, especially as a War Through the Generations co-host! The themes of war, survival, and all that surrounds war is very strong.

  3. Can’t wait to see what you think of Mockingjay! 🙂

  4. I keep seeing 13 Rue Therese around and I really want to read it! Nice mailbox.

  5. I bet you’ve finished Mockingjay already! 13 Rue Therese looks really good!

  6. I think I ma the only one who hasn’t read the Collin’s books. I guess I need to read them! The Reagan Arthur book looks good. Loving the cover!

  7. They look great and the last one is everywhere today!! 😀

  8. My daughter got Mockingjay; hopefully I’ll get to read it this week or next

  9. I got my copy of Mockingjay this week as well, though I haven’t read it yet. I will be excited to hear what you think of it!!

  10. We just received Mockingjay on audio this past week, and the kids and I have just started it. Woo hoo!

  11. The title of the vampire book just made me laugh. Enjoy your new goodies!

  12. Some great books and candles! Good week for you, Serena. Enjoy them all.

  13. I’m doing the RA challenge so I’ll be watching for reviews of 13 Rue Therese. Enjoy!

  14. I really need to read that Suzanne Collins series. Looks like you got some good ones! Happy reading 🙂

    I got Ghostland by Jory Strong and Shadow Hills by Anastasia Hopcus last week.

  15. Not surprised to see Mockingjay in your mailbox, LOL! Now you just have to read it so I can’t talk about it with someone!

    The Girl can’t wait to read the vampire book with you!


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