Bo Obama: The White House Tails by Paul Salamof and Keith Tucker

Bo Obama:  The White House Tails is written by Paul J. Salamoff and drawn by Emmy Award-winning Disney and Warner Brothers artist Keith Tucker for Bluewater Productions‘ line of graphic novels for young readers.  The 40-page graphic novel reads more like a comic book, with Bo Obama taking kids back in time to visit previous White House pets and to witness some of the history of the presidential residence.

Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog, who is the perfect dog for those with allergies.  Not only does Bo know a lot about himself and his breed, but he also knows a great deal about the White House’s former residents.  The illustrations of Bo are clear and vivid, making the Obama’s dog leap to life in this graphic novel.

“People in Portugal speak Portuguese, but I can only bark in English.” (Page 10)
From elephants in the White House to the origin of the presidential residence’s name, Bo takes readers on a journey through the present and the past.  Kids, probably between ages 8 and 12, will enjoy this book the most because the words will be easier for them to grasp with little help from parents.  In some instances, readers may want to learn more about the animals or historical figures they meet.  Learning history through the eyes of a dog has never been more entertaining. Bo Obama:  The White House Tails is moderately priced at $6.99.

This book is my 16th book for the 2010 New Authors Challenge.

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  1. carolsnotebook says

    Sounds like a really cute book. I bet my daughter would love it.

  2. Aww, I wish I had seen this review before my son's birthday (on the 16th, the same day this post was pubished). He is a presidential history buff. He loves that Obama's dog is "Bo" because his nickname is Bo. I'll still look for this book, though!

  3. Jenners: I thought that part of the story was cute.

  4. This sounds cute. I love that he only barks in English!

  5. bermudaonion says

    This sounds like a great way to introduce kids to history!

  6. I bet The Girl would like this book. Comics, dogs, and history…that's right up her alley! Thanks for the review.

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