Mailbox Monday #68

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  1. It's sad when you have to dig a path for the potty run!

    We have an almost identical mailbox!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. That is too cute!! And more is on the way!!!! Can you believe it?

  3. Charleydog says:

    I can see Charlee's ears! We could use some of that snow as here in Eastern Ontario (CANADA) most of the snow has melted. I am not a snow fan but without snow the frost is going too deep. So far my cat, Blacky, has found two garter snakes in the basement – and the basement has cement walls and floor. Don't know how they are getting in but I know that they are trying to survive by heading for warmer climes. Blacky killed one and I rescued one who now resides in a large glass jar in the garage. I have turned off the heat to the garage so the snake will go into artificial hibernation. I'll put him in the garden in the spring. The other two cats, Charley and Micky Mouse, would prefer to hide under the bed instead of confronting a snake.

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  4. I can't believe the amt of snow in DC – let's hope the snow that's coming to NY tomorrow night doesn't hit DC too hard!

    I love books set in Ireland so the Frank Delaney one and the Yellow House both look good to me!

    My Monday Mailbox is here

  5. Aw Charlee! Poor little guy! I'm sick of the snow too and we didn't even get this storm – yet. I'm ready for spring!

    I haven't read those books yet but they sound really good. I've seem The Yellow House on a few blogs already. Enjoy and stay warm!!

  6. Beth(bookaholicmom) says:

    I put The Yellow House on my wish list! Poor Charlie! I hope the next storm system is kinder to you!

  7. You received a nice batch of books this week!

    If you'd like to see mine, my mailbox is at: http://tweezlereads.blogspot.com/2010/02/mailbox-monday_08.html

  8. Sheila (Bookjourney) says:

    Oh my gish that is the best picture! That is a ton of snow! I am not looking forward to my trip back to Minnesota tomorrow but I am pretty sure we dont have that much snow – at least I hope not….

    Have a great reading week!

  9. I'll say it again, poor Charlee. At least he has some potty paths now. lol.

  10. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, wonderful snow pictures with your mailbox!

    Love the way you put them in buy buttons! I keep meaning to do that!

    My MM:


  11. I'm so glad we didn't get hit with that kind of snow! Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show sounds really, really good! My mailbox is here.

  12. Great mailbox! Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

  13. I hope Charlie will manage ok!
    The Yellow House just went on my must read list. Thanks!

  14. Poor Charlie 🙁

    Great books this week. I have In the Wake of the Boatman (unread so far). Enjoy

  15. bermudaonion says:

    Poor Charlee! Vance sent me a message yesterday saying that he didn't think our Milou would do well in all that snow! You got some great books – The Yellow House and In the Wake of the Boatman both catch my eye.

  16. What cute little ears!

  17. Amy @ Passages to the Past says:

    OMGoodness – he is sooo cute in the snow (what you can see of him at least).

    That Frank Delaney book looks interesting…I didn't know he was coming out with a new one. Looking forward to seeing what you think!

    Have a good week!

    Here's my mailbox: http://www.passagestothepast.com/2010/02/mailbox-monday.html

  18. I really hope the storms stop. This is getting ridiculous. The government normally can't function in 4 inches of snow, let alone 2 feet!

  19. My youngest daughter lives in DE and she called last night to say your area is expecting another snow wallop mid week. Yow, you guys are in for some serious digging out. You got some nice books in your mail box. Enjoy! Here's my MM

  20. Poor Charlie!!! He looks pitiful!

  21. Sandy Nawrot says:

    Aw, you can only see the tips of his ears! For your sake, I hope the storms cease and desist. Even for us Floridians, this has been the coldest winter in our history.