Who Keeps Me Company

Read-a-thon hour 8:  This mini-challenge is from Under the Boardwalk and asks readers to talk about who or what keeps them company.

Well, here you are.  I have a full house of Anna from Diary of an Eccentric and The Girl.  Her hubby is watching Transformers and my hubby is at work now until 6 p.m.  But you’ll notice I have no company with me on my chair, but my books and my glass of Coke because my dog, Charlee, has abandoned me.

We don’t have any snacks out at the moment since we had a big breakfast and a big lunch.  Dunno what’s on the agenda for dinner, but we’ll think of something.

I’ve read one poetry book, and have been alternating between Sookie Stackhouse #2, Living Dead in Dallas and Night of Flames.

What keeps you company?