Interview With Linda Wisdom

I recently reviewed Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom, if you missed the review, click on the link to check it out.  It is the fourth book in her paranormal, romance series.

Today, Linda took time out of her schedule to answer a few interview questions on her tour stop with Sourcebooks.  Let’s give her a warm welcome.

What inspired you to write about sassy witches? 

They chose me. I used to hear “write dark edgy vampires” and my muse said “not for you”. Shapeshifters didn’t pop, but Jazz did. And the minute she entered my imagination I knew, just like Goldilocks in that third bed, that this was just right. To this day, I haven’t felt as if this was a wrong decision.

Have you always been interested in the paranormal and have you had a paranormal experience?

Yes, I have. I wrote my first paranormal romance in the late 80s and a few others after that and knew there was more in my future. As for paranormal experiences, I’ve had a few. We have a house ghost who likes to take things and we had something dark in the back yard several years ago that I still don’t like to think about! 

Could you describe a typical writing day for you and what helps you punch through writer’s block?

After I’ve had enough caffeine to feel human, I check my email, see if there’s anything that needs immediate attention and check any blogs I’m on that day. Then I pull up my book file and write. I refuse to stare at my screen when I’m blocked. I shut off the computer for an hour or so. Sometimes do something around the house or I go out. There’s been many a time that ideas flow when I’m driving around.

Do you read books in the genre you write or could you name some of the most recent books you’ve read that you enjoyed?  

Definitely. I recently finished Victoria Laurie’s Doom with a View, Wendy Roberts latest. 

Some writers have obsessions or listen to music while writing.  Do you have similar obsessions and what are some of your favorite groups or bands? 

For me it’s movies. I watch all genres and it depends on my moods. For music it’s Celtic and golden oldies. I tend to change playlists according to the witch I’m writing at the time. Maggie, my present witch, leans toward Zydeco. 

If you were a witch with magical powers, what spell would you love to conjure and why? 

Oh, the power! I’d want to snap my fingers and see the house magickally cleaned. And I’m talking all corners, grout, high places, and top of the refrigerator. :} Anything else I’m fine with, but I’d sure love to have a clean house in the wink of an eye.  

Sourcebooks is offering 1 U.S. or Canadian reader a copy of Hex in High Heels and Wicked by Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom as a set to 1 winner.  

To Enter:

1.  Leave a comment on this post about an interview highlight.
2.  Leave a comment on my review of Hex in High Heels and leave me a comment here.
3.  Blog, Tweet, Facebook this giveaway and leave me a comment.

Deadline is Oct. 9, 2009, 11:59PM EST.


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