Poem #24 and #25, PAD Challenge 2009

Prompt #24 is to write a travel-related poem.


I pop on my ear buds,
grab the iPod and I’m out the door.
My head, up and down
with my heavy steps down the stairs.
I’m in Brooklyn
in a shuffle beat before heading south
to Mexico.
Drunk in the back of a truck
and my maxed out credit cards.
On the sideline, watching football
next to the brass blaring in my ear,
marching up and down.

Prompt #25 is to write about an event and make the event the title of the poem.

Conversations and Connections 2009

Metro into the city, turn corners,
enter academic ivory towers,
crowd into a small room, shoulder-
to-shoulder with aged wine
and amateur cheese.
Long tables and microphones
Discussions of first, third, omniscient,
and second persons in the room, in books,
in minds.
Back-and-forth interaction, questioning,
and enlightenment—a spotlight
shining down on my characters in the lead.
From the midnight sky, my character’s faces shine,
moonlit and starry eyes.
Paper and pen dance in an empty room
until other couplets dance on desks and chairs.

What did you write today?

For more information about the challenge, go here.

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