Poem #11, 12, and 13, PAD Challenge 2009

Ok, I got really behind in the poem-a-day challenge, so I’m going to combine three days worth of poems into one post.

Prompt #11 is to write about an object or objects, much like William Carlos Williams’ The Red Wheelbarrow. Here’s my version:


perfect squares lined up
for pounding fingertips
to drop.

Much more
than the sum of their parts
to become
“Laf” on a cell.

Gleaming silver
under fluorescent light
in dim living rooms
with wide displays.

Those keys drop and rise
string letters into words
phrases, sentences, paragraphs
connected into novels.

Prompt #12 is to fill in the blank and use this phrase–“So We Decided to BLANK”–as the title of the poem.

So We Decided to Have a Go

We stared into the abyss.
It was dark below our feet,
but our shoes were black and deceptive.
We decided to have a go,
take the plunge.
I yanked on the rope once more,
made sure it was secured to the tree.
I shouted aloud, “Yahooo!”
The wind whipped past my ears,
whistling You-who high-pitched.
He was still behind me
on the ledge, teetering.
He swaggered back and forth,
walking into the abyss
The cool water rose up into my pants,
dousing the heat between my legs.
The blush on my cheeks white
like porcelain.
My hair slicked back
as I burst through the water surface,
spitting moisture into an arc.
No sooner had I emerged,
he was there plunging below
displacing me.

Prompt #13 is to write about a hobby, whether its scrapbooking or fishing.


I hold my eye up to the circular glass
peering as far as I can,
the couple stands in my crosshairs.
My finger poised,
hovers just above gleaming silver.
A swift drop–
the finger depresses the shutter,
the shot is fired.
Her hand on her hip,
his on her cheek, slightly tipped upward.
He smiles down at her,
though she frowns, looking askew.

A few miles away,
my sights are set on you.
Your unclean clothes, bushy beard,
dirty skin, and white smile.
You’re there in a wheelchair
ready to bolt and do.
Your eyes vacant
Amid the pastel tulips in the park.

What did you write today?

For more information about the challenge, go here.