Writing Goal Week #8

The Writing Goal Update for this week is much better than most. I worked on three poems last week. The first poem is nearly done and I think the second one I uncovered last week is more complete than it has been since I put it away many months ago.

I started a third poem this week with some inspiration from a magazine theme, so if I can finish this poem and some others, I may just submit them to the magazine for publication.

Softdrink at Fizzy Thoughts last week kindly informed me that those men that paint the lines on the roads use striping machines, so that popped into one of the poems. I’ve also had that good friend of mine, Anna from Diary of an Eccentric, take a first look at these drafts and make some suggestions or comments.

Iliana of Bookgirl’s Nightstand also asked last week if I had any plans for these poems, and indeed I do. I am working on poems for a full-length manuscript, which I hope to complete by the end of this year. I’m not sure that all the poems I create this year will end up in the manuscript, but the more poems I work on and complete, the better pile I will have to pick from.

If anyone has any other questions, please feel to ask.

So, for Writing Goal Week #8:

Continue work on my third poem and hopefully start other poems this week as well.

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