Weekly Geeks #27–My Dear Dewey–A Tribute

I wanted to share with you some great posts on the Hidden Side of a Leaf, which was Dewey’s blog. This is the way I will pay tribute to our good blogger buddy, Dewey.

One of the most recent posts that I loved on her site was about the Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. Despite the rash of bad luck one evening, Dewey took the disappointing events in stride with her husband, spent the evening in a local hotel, and ended up reading half a book in Borders, which forced her to buy the book even though she usually used the library or Bookmooch. This one post sums up Dewey’s love of reading, her love of books, and her dedication to the written word. I also found this post to be the most inspiring in terms of how she tried to view most things in life. She took the good with the bad and focused on the positive aspects of the situation. . . no matter what.

Another of my favorite posts was How NOT to Host a Carnival; she had a great sense of humor.

While I may have only known her through email, book reviews, and her blog, I will never forget her love of reading, her love of building community, and her positivity. She built a book community through the Bookworms Carnival, 24-hour read-a-thon, and Weekly Geeks.

She had a loving husband and family. He made her snack plates during read-a-thon and he kept us all informed when she was hospitalized after her “trip” into the woods and when the ultimate sad news came. He should be commended for his thoughtfulness as well, even then he needs us to show him support.

Not only should we show support for Dewey’s family, but I think she would want us to continue her projects. One of her projects is still underway with the help of Literary Escapism and I hope you will all take the time to vote on the Top 10 Books of 2008.

Get over there and VOTE!