Garden Stuffed Chicken & Mozzarella

I was hopping through Google Reader when I came across a post about recipes and Katie Brown Celebrates over on B&B ex libris.

Anyway, she got me thinking about my various creations, and here’s one that I posted on an older blog that I really loved making and eating. Check it out, try it. Tell me what you think.


It is not often that I cook meals at home because frankly, I’m not that great a cook. However, on a rare occasion that I do cook, I mostly make up a recipe on my own. I was extremely excited about how the Chicken Mozzarella turned out last night, that I figured I would blog about it and share the recipe.
Secret Ingredient
I started with two breasts of chicken and I split them horizontally so I could stuff them with yummy cheese and peppers. Once the breasts were split, I seasoned the insides of the chicken with garlic, oregano, pepper, onion, Parmesan cheese, and Worcestershire sauce. I diced up the red, green, and yellow peppers as well as the mozzarella cheese and chives. See Below.
Once the inside was stuffed to the brim, I closed the chicken breasts with toothpicks. Topped the breasts with Italian seasoned bread crumbs and chives, and set them in a lightly sprayed glass baking dish. Check these images out.
Buttoned Up 2 Buttoned Up; Chicken Mozzarella Moist Chicken Mozzarella (before baking)
Mind you, I am not a culinary genius. I baked the chicken breasts in the oven at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes or so (yes, I often fail to use a timer and do things sort of by hunches). When the chickens were nearly cooked, I placed slivers of mozzarella on the top to add more cheese, because I just love cheese. I placed the breasts back in the oven for a bit longer, maybe about 10 more minutes until the cheese melted and the breasts were fully cooked. And here is the result.
Cooked Moist Chicken Mozzarella 2 Cooked Moist Chicken Mozzarella
I bet you are all salivating now. Enjoy!