Writer’s Digest and Poetic Asides

Writer’s Digest has been my favorite magazine as a writer for some time. I have subscribed to it for many years, probably going on a decade at least. Being an avid reader of this magazine, I had failed to notice all the goodies available on their Website.

One such item, Poetic Asides, is a blog written by Robert Lee Brewer, whom I met online at Facebook. Now, I often get his updates about his blog on Writer’s Digest through Facebook, which helps me keep up-to-date on professionals in the writing world and my friends that live all over the place.

A few days ago, Mr. Brewer sent out a Facebook message that he wanted to know what we used for our bios when we submit to magazines and contests. Suffice to say, he picked what I said and a bunch of other comments and recommendations and posted them on his blog yesterday. I was shocked, since I think what I said is so dry and elementary. I just hope it helps. If you are interested in finding out what I said, please visit the post here. You’ll have to scroll down a bit, or you can use “find on this page” to find me.