Word-Nerd Fiction Prompt

Hello All:

I wanted to provide the fiction writers in the Word Nerd Co-Op with a prompt this week, so here it is.

Think back to either one of the worst or best moments in your life and write about it from the point of view of the opposite sex. How would they react differently; what would they say that you didn’t; what emotions would they express or keep inside that you wouldn’t have?

Try to explore what you think are the different ways in which men or women cope with the same situation. You can feel free to embellish and change facts to make it less like your life if you prefer. Additionally, you could write a piece from a woman’s point of view and then use the same situation to write another piece from a man’s point of view.

Anyone who feels free to post their attempt (even if it is in rough draft form), feel free. I think it would be great to see what everyone comes up with.

Most of all, Have fun and keep writing.