Remember the Blood Books

As you will recall from the last post, I ordered volume 2 in the Blood Books by Tanya Huff to complete my little collection. Well suffice to say, the bookstore called to say the book was in and ready to be picked up. I headed to the bookstore and picked up the book. Got home with the book only to realize they ordered me Volume 1 and not Volume 2, like I had expected. I have to now wait another week for the correct book to come in and then complete and even exchange. UGH.

Sometimes incompetence just astounds me, particularly when the person ordering the book for me saw that I was purchasing Volumes 1 and 3 that day! Ridiculous.

The other part of the bookstore trip was to purchase my mother’s latest James Patterson book, You’ve Been Warned with my 40% off coupon. At least that part of the trip went well.

Next post will be a review of one of the books I am currently reading; have no fear.